Friday, January 28, 2011

Friendship never knows decay?

"Friendship never knows decay"& "Friends Forever" are typical things written in Pri/Sec school autograph books. But how true is this?

I was doing some spring cleaning, looking through oldies stuff in my cabinet. Countless of cards, letters and bookmarks.. stuff which pri/sec school students love to write etc. Seeing these remind me of the time in primary school, when one first had the feeling of having friends. I assume, we are too young to be making friends in our kindergarten days... we were still blur blur.. though I still have impression of the kindergarten mates I had. I still rmb it was a nice and sincere feeling to make something, a card or some crafts for friends, when we were young. Stickers, colour pencils to decorate the art. And also, a "treasured" feeling when you receive something handmade (or even non-handmade stuff).

People change. I re-read a letter from a friend, and compare it now. Seems so diff. Also in my frustration, I also threw away something handmade from her. It was once a sincere thing, yet doesn't seem so to me now.

Another case, I re-read a letter from a friend, then I re-realised how nice the person is. Sadly, we are no longer in contact, each busy with our own lives.

As I grow older, I tend to look out in people, how nice/kind the person is, rather than how similar is our interest/hobby/common conversation. I find its harder to make gd frds, as we are no longer like pri sch kids that sincere to make friends. Sometimes socialise to make our work easier, want to make ourselves more popular, make our lives more interesting or some other superficial reasons. And also some forgetting old frds while making new ones. Maybe that is why, I don't like to socialise... you don't know what type of people you are meeting.


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