Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am Getting Real Fat

I have been eating a lot of junk food and other delicacies.

The Li0n treated us to a d|nner that cost $17o+. Cr@bs. I have eaten many cr@bs this year, at various stalls. All the times, were treated by others. Haha.

My first cr@b was barbequed cr@b. Followed by Bl@ck Pepper Cr@b at Place 1.. Next had S@lted Egg Cr@b and Bl@ck Pepper Cr@b at another location. Then again, Bl@ck Pepper Cr@b at a stall, known for fresh cr@bs. Then back to Bl@ck Pepper Cr@b + some soup Cr@b at Place 1. The first time when i ate cr@b outside, I didn't know how to eat.

Then I went to research on places which serve good cr@bs. Then! I found out there's one near my house. Argh.. I am waiting for the right occasion/timing to try to buy 1 home. It is said that its signature dish is the S@ltedEgg one.

I love cr@bs!


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