Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am guilty to death for the mistake I made...

Argh, the wrong shipment. It goes to show I never put my heart in doing it, hence my carelessness. I think I need to be less kanchiong in doing things. And I hate to make such stupid mistake, which doesn't reflect well on me. This has to be my last, stupid mistake when it comes to such adhoc tasks. Be focused, Jon! I dread it when I need to seek favour from others for the mistake I made.

Enough about work.

I like looking at dresses, though I don't wear one. But I do fantasize myself in one and looking good. Ok, let's say I do really have to wear one, for really formal functions, here are my choices:

Outfit 1: I like the decency and non-revealing of this dress. Cleav-bearing is a no-no for me. And this dress is not figure-hugging at the waist so it doesn't accentuate my tummy. The prints look ok, not too loud, yet and can stand out among the black wearers. This might not be very elegant type but is dressy enough not to be underdressed.

Outfit 2: Another printed dress, which is towards the artistic kind, with nice colour combination of black and red in base white. Its a toga dress, where you bear one shoulder. You need to have nice shoulders to carry this off, but at least it doesn't show cleav, and is less revealing than a tube dress. Formal factor for this is lesser than Outfit 1.

Outfit 3: I think black dress is appropriate as the colour is safe, neutral, elegant and gives a slim silhouette. It doesn't make one especially stand out in formal occasions as it would be a common colour. But being a someone who doesn't like attention and wishes to fade into the background, I would find this dress likeable. The details at the top and hem of the dress are very unique and evolve a tinge of sexiness. As dress is black, I would match it with a brown bag.


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