Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Big Boss

Suddenly, 心血来潮, so I'll blog on a new character, my Big Boss aka The Benefactor. I don't know if in days/mths/years to come, will I incur his wrath due to my incompetency or his bad mood, which he is notorious for, but up till now, he is considered as the The Benefactor. Because of this benefactor, I get to know other good ppl, though the biggest benefactor might be someone else.

When Big Boss is here, everyone stays clear of his way. He is known to be 'never loses' when he talks, even when he is wrong about sth. This is why, no one, likes to talk to him. Even when he received his service award on stage, not very loud applause and nobody cheered. He has a foul temper and blows up at the guys in our department. So the guys said we girls are around, he will try not to blow up. We are like 'buffer', reducing the 'impact'. Haha.

I don't see why he believes that I can do it, thus hired me. But I am very thankful to him for hiring me, giving me a job, letting me learn alot, putting me under C0ach, trying to fight for the best, the most for me (& for us the department ppl), making my first job near to ideal. Yes, he has a foul temper, but he has good points too.

What I hope is, I make as few mistakes at work as possible, so as not to disappoint him. Also, when C0ach is not around next time, I think I will get it from him directly, as there is no one to shield me from him.


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