Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Bored at Wrk

I'm starting to get bored at wrk. Sigh, less exciting to me now. Maybe because no new projects. Boring. It has been 7 mths + 26 days.

I've realised, many young girls (when I say young, I am referring to those between 14-23) dress very well, they don pretty dresses, apply make-up, wear nice accessories.. If I were a guy, would I go for them, rather than go for 'my type'? Probably them, the sweet young things. Nowadays youngsters speak better, dare to voice out and dress with confidence, I can't beat them. Ha ha. I am indeed a very lazy person, don't want to dress up...

Ay... I don't know what to write either. Maybe I will introduce another character at my workplace in my next entry. Ha ha...


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