Sunday, February 21, 2010

Doubts on Myself Again..

The doubt is back, whether I can be a good eng|nr or not. Every time I ran into a corner and get stuck, I begin to doubt myself. And I feel so stupid.

I enjoyed CNY this year, though I always say, CNY is the same as previous years, the festive mood, spick and span house and the long holi let me take my mind off from work. I care less about the red packts received, as I can make my own money, unlike when i was young student, I would take note who gave how much etc.

I heard, a distant relative, she should be about 50-60s. She and her husband married way before my parents had. So, its v long marriage. Her eldest daughter is even older than my bro. So I can assume that they have been married for about 30 years. Its only in the recent years, the husband started to drink beer and find women outside. He wanted to divorce his wife. It is said that the wife was so upset during CNY house visiting that she broke down when narrating her husband's misdeeds. How sad. The whole of 30 years of marriage is such a nightmare, regardless how they may have ever been head over heels (maybe) before? It must have felt like a 'end of a world' to her? 30 years of marriage, to be ended in like this? No meaning at all. The saddest thing is, she only realised he is a bad man only so long after.

日久见人心, but isn't 30 years long enough?


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