Saturday, December 12, 2009

The C0ach III

This is the last entry on him. I am sick of blogging on him. However, it needs some ending on this topic, and to note it down what I really think of him, after my 4 months under him.

This guy is indeed an intriguing character. I wanted to know more about him. And I did. I think I roughly know a part of his '|ife st0ry'. At first, i empathize with the child, and found C0ach cruel. But then, after some pondering, it was probably the win-win situation for all. Then, I began to empathize with C0ach, how would he feel towards her? Indebted to her all his life? Maybe. It must have felt terrible to get the kinship purposely twisted and real identity hidden? Anyway, this sort of things I thought only happen in TV drama.

I googled, and found his photo albums, which contain many pictures of his son, himself and lovely pics of he and his w!fe together, so sweet. W!fe is very pretty. Among pictures of his son, there are a few bday suit pics of the baby. Haha. And then a video of his son chasing the camera, which is soooo cute! Lastly, there were 2 pictures of a young girl. Very very sweet and young. I wonder if it's HER.

Whatever, I won't get to know.

What I know is, he's a very competent worker and many ppl actually have gd comments abt him. Then i think, why should I strike him off from my list of idols? I am very judgmental. And I am still pondering....

Coming up next, will be a brand new character to be mentioned, which I have already in mind who to talk abt. Haha. Stay tuned!

Jia you, Jon!


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