Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 1 of Work

Its something like getting a culture shock when visiting a foreign country. This coy is bigger than I had imagined. The working is more complicated than the at+achment one. People are more aggressive and confident in their mannerism and speech. Almost everyone is considered eloquent, except for me. As HR brought me to my cubicle, we passed by another cubicle/man, looks beng, but speaks v well, he was talking on the phone loudly. I was shocked, wow, how am I going to survive if this is how ppl talk? I will sure lose out in place.

I cannot be sure who my benef@c is, exactly. As my coach is not him. I hope I will not let my benef@c (assume its the person who hired me) down, hope that I can prove his judgment, that I the chose one, is correct! I have to believe and totally believe in what Guan Yin had advised me in the lot, that I will overcome the obstacle, though it would bring me danger.

Good luck, Jon!


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