Friday, June 05, 2009

A Haircut by Male Hairdresser from Chai-ner

I went for a haircut today. It cost ten bucks and I was disappointed despite armed with the picture of my ideal hairstyle.

Disappointment number 1: I walked into the salon, the male hairdresser attended to me. Great, I thought. I always like male hairdresser. But the guy is from Chai-ner!!! Ok, I admit I am discriminating against hairdresser from there. I mean, if I were an employer, seeking a professional like programmer, I would welcome them, as they are hardworking and smart. But... when it comes to hairdressing, I don't know why I dont like hairdresser from Chai-ner, I can't explain it either. Then I look at his hair. Its curly de.!!??!! Its not like local/m'sia funky male hairdresser with spikey and 'happening' hairdo. Like v 老土。 Not fashionable at all.

Disappointment number 2: I sat down, whipped out the picture of my ideal hairstyle, showed him, 我要剪这样, 可以吗?Then he studied the picture for quite long, a wee bit far too long. He said 可以, but I was uncertain if I could get the hairstyle as the end product. As he cut, he kept refering to the pic... if i had known this, I should have not taken out the pic. You know, as he cut the fringe, it barely look similar to the pic's fringe. So you know what he did?? He use hair gel to enhance my fringe to look similar to the pic! I really have the urge to ask him not use the gel, cos wads e point of using it?? Btw, when I sat down with spectacles, he put the clothe over my top, then he started cutting my hair at the back right away, he never ask me to take off spects. Haha.

Disppointment number 3: The final product: not nice lor. The back is ok, but the sides are horrid!! Not balanced somemore. Front also cannot make it. Haha. To summarise, my hair is nth like the model's in the picture below.

I went nextdoor to shape my eyebrows. $8. Shave plus some plucking. The plucking is like ant's bite pain. Now its neater.


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