Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Suddenly Realised that I'm Going to Graduate Soon..

Saw someone write that school is left with only few more weeks, then I went, "wow". Its too fast but true, few more weeks to go and exam would start in 2nd week of April. Maybe my mind has been too preoccupied with Dumb Final Y Pr0j, that I've never thought of how near exam is. I am seriously lagging behind for my other modules.

Thurs is the again the day when I meet the scary person again. Haiz, very sian. Okay, I must appear confident. I'll take Vitamin C that day cos I read in forum that it makes you less nervous.

Today in bus, got 1 man who is too smelly that everyone that initially stood around him, gradually moved away. At first I stood abt 1.5m away, I could smell unpleasant. Then I still didn't know where the smell came from, so I shifted nearer to the man, oh dear, the smell so horrendous. A male seated passenger that was seated near him had his fingers covering his nose. I thought it was abit kua zhang. But as I went to stand next to the smelly man, I really felt like vomiting... Gosh... this is the first time I smelt someone so horribly. I think he hasn't bathed for days, the smell is not like BO, but very stinky smell.

I've already gotten myself used to wearing specs. If I don't wear, the size of my eyes will become smaller. I'm friends with spectacles now.

That is all for now. Good luck to myself on Thurs!!!!


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