Sunday, March 08, 2009

Final Y. Dumb Proj

I've decided to avoid writing abt c0ntr0l stuff as I would be prone to attack and be vulnerable if the moderator or examiner ask me abt c0ntr0l. More marks will be deducted.

Hence, I think i'll focus on explanation often programmin codes.

My pr0f wants to read abt what I've learnt.. so I must appear to have learnt alot, although I havent.

I only realised he's an okay person, although he speaks v loudly and appear fierce. He says he is to help me.. I was quite relieved that he nv scold me wad i had been doing for the 2 sem when i failed to deliver wad i am supposed to. I realised he was quite funny, he says he's gd at talking. True. Haha.

But i am still scared of him. That time i was less scared cos another student was there... next time when i see him, wud be just me... that wud b scary la.


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