Thursday, November 27, 2008

Semester 7 - Whoohoo, Exams are over!

I started late, ended late. 12th to 27th Nov 08, a span of more than 2 weeks was my examination period. Officially, I started my revision rather late too, it was due to endless projects, assignments and a last minute test. Nevertheless, I've been through these hardship (er, not really), and done that. Though I can predict the outcome of the results by the gauge of my conscientiousness during the mugging period, I still have this small glimmer of hope, wishing that I can do alright.

Going through this exam, made me realise how lousy, ill-disciplined I am. I am not able to control myself (or rather my mind) well. Why have I deteriorated so drastically? I admit that I am really dumb. Why am I lagging behind others?

Throughout the exam period, I still watch TV, this is bad! This is why I say I am ill-disciplined. No motivation to study, terribly abhor studying, find that my 16 years of study is not fruitful at all. Have I learnt many important lessons/ concepts? Or have I been just memorising for the exam and forget them right after exams? The latter is true. So true that I am wasting my youth, money, investing in going to school.

Well, the title of this entry is such a happy one, yet I dunno why I still end up writing such depressing stuff. Talk about the happy things I cant think of any, except the V drama 十兄弟, is a ridiculous yet funny show. It entices me to watch further as it is a no-boundary show, lots of crazy actions and makes me laugh... haha.

That is all, I've nothing much to report. Results will be out on 29th Dec 08. All the best!


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