Saturday, October 18, 2008


There are all sorts of people.

People from the same sch... actually are so different in a zillion and one ways.

My Human Resource Proj has a girl from China. She's much older than us.. like to show us her temper. Un-cooperative. Foul-tempered, self opinioned and always think she's right.

Nah, once this sem is over, I'l treat you as if you dont exist in this world. Same as how you would treat me. Haha.

I know I am not a leader-quality person, but I don't fancy being one. I know she wants to be one, and is always so ambitious. Her attitude at the start of the project and after, is so contrasting. Before, she took initiative. After, she heck cared as if there was no tmr. I think when she realised, that the leader was appointed by the alphabetical order of the surname, she became sad sia, not able to be a leader. She once even mentioned she was the motivator of the group. Haha, what a joke! She is so scary!!!

People of all sorts, I'm glad to have met and worked with you, you've made me realise how dark the world outside is.

Waha, I am going bonkers!


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