Friday, July 18, 2008

End of Temp Job

Yesterday was the last day of my temp job. Some people are very nice. But however, a weirdo I am, I behaved like a freak. They are friendly enough to try to talk to me, and get me to join them. But I was just feeling very anti-social and tried means and ways to avoid them. I really don't know why I am so anti-social to this extent. It is not that I really want to avoid them, its just that I am so afraid of the awkwardness. Something is wrong with me. Maybe I am slightly autistic.

I think I am quite lucky to have met such friendly people. Actually I wanted to thank them for being nice to me, but I am not those expressive sort and would find it mushy if i had really said those words of appreciation.

Btw, some girls are very frank and expressive. I am quite impressed. Haha.

There is a quite cool guy here. I never talked to him before. Cos he's not the chatty type either. Its a feat that I managed to talk (though never talked much and long lah nevertheless still considered talk) to half of the temp workers here, considering how quiet and introverted I am. My face skin condition is terrible. I don't see any boy or girl who has a as pimply face as mine.

Its time to prepare for my exam.


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