Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Have Many Things to Accomplish in this Holiday~

Initially, I thought of working temp, but after thinking, no lah, better don't. Because I still have an exam in July, no matter an elective, I still need to study and chiong my best for it. Then I thought, my bro's convocatlon, I wanna attend, so that is another day lost. What about my F.Y.P? I need to spend some time research and understand it. I've also asked for some notes, which I have gotten them, but yet to read them. Already half-way through an e-book, I must finish it before sch reopens, no time to do so next time. And my room, its terribly messy, papers are strewn all over my desk. Tsk tsk, it has been a long time since I last tidied my room and desk. I plan to watch 1 HK drama also, though I have yet to decide which one to watch.

I went for jogging today. This is my third jog within this month. Well, the distance ran is not alot I estimate cos I jogged for only about 10 minutes nia. Whenever I jogged, I see many other fellow joggers, I'll feel even more motivated. I guess I only have the leisure to jog during hols bah?

Good luck, Odiejon!


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