Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last Wk of Work - A Tinge of Can't-Bear-To-Leave & Happy Feeling

Its was a happy ending. On the day of 6th Jun, I had been beaming the whole day. Not all, but most of them knew it was my last day there. Some operators, the technicians, engineers, plus some other colleagues in other departments! Time flew extremely fast, when I was chatting with them. I had quite a memorable last day, thus I want to record this down, in the future when I read this again, I could reminisce the 感触 I once had. They are actually a bunch of nice ppl, though I am the odd one out, being the only girl in the department.

I spent most time of my last day talking to the Manager. Or rather, it was him doing the talking, I was listening. Told me many interesting stuff and things I didn't know about. He shared his personal life story and some down-experiences, which made him a better person. He has told me many things to beware of, in working. Currently, there is so much office politics in there, and he's told me many accounts and incidents of how infamous villain accused, sabotaged, spread rumours of other fellow staff. I was shocked. Now I realised the world out there is not as simple as I used to think. And I gain new perception on getting along well with other ppl. He is a smart and confident man, the confidence comes from many years of experiences in handling things and people. This air of confidence, I can say, not many other ppl, has it. Only those who have been through and seen alot will have it. He is leaving this company soon too. I wish him all the best in his next job.

My Sup was on leave. The last time I saw him was on 5 Jun. I got emotional when he bid me farewell. Equally wise and has seen alot of the world, I am very impressed with his positivity. He is an optimistic man and sees good in everybody. All good traits are in him, patient, good-natured, down-to-earth, easy going, and contented. He can really take things easy. It is something really hard to do. He share with me so many experiences, that I cannot state all of them here. I shall try to bear them in mind.

This engineer shares some of his past work experiences and taught me his expertise on a machine. He is a more vocal and defensive person. Nice, I will just describe his super smooth complexion which I am so envious of. Though he is tanned, his face is very smooth, with no visible pores. I mean, even girls have some pores visible at close proximity, but for him, really smooth until, every time when I see him,I just awed silently at his face. I always had the urge to ask him how he take care of his complexion till its is so smooth, but lucky I never had the guts to ask that. It sounds rather silly, if I did really ask that.

I sat next to his cubicle. I only talked to him twice. He is always so busy, he tried to share with me on his past work experiences too. He's kind. I'll remember him as a white-haired man whose build is very perfect for his age. Sadly, he is leaving soon too.

He is the number 1 technician. I recall the first week, I was asked by sup to approach him. He was opening up a mould and I was to understand more about it. My first impression of him was a scary-cool-serious guy. When I first approached him, I was real scared of him. And it turned out that he spent few hours explaining the thing to me in great detail. Why I said he is scary-cool-serious is because he is the type who looks fierce when he doesn't smile. But when he smiled, it was a cool short smile. Throughout all, he was the only tec who smiled or nodded or acknowledged my presence when met. His complexion is quite good also. He has a slight bald patch and has dark rings. He is smart. He gave me ideas on improvement for my datab@se. Some ideas I haven't thought before, thus I was amazed and impressed by him. I had more interaction with him towards the end. On the last day, sort of last minutes, then he wanted to familarise with the datab@se. I was really touched when he said the datab@se was 好用. He really wanted to use it in order not to waste my effort in creating it. He said, in future, when they use the datab@se, it would remind them of me. Wa ha, I was elated inside upon hearing those words. I did wave him good bye when I was about to leave. There are some embarrassing moments too..the scenes kept playing in my mind. Haha.

This technician looks very fierce and seldom smiles. I started to chat with him when I was counting parts in the inventory. He 'suans' me sometimes and even asked me to treat them. It is easy to talk to him. However it was his off-day on the last day, sad la.

I approached him before when I needed to use the soldering iron. He was nice and even told me to be careful. I only found out that he has a car on the last day. He and Tec1 invited me to join them for lunch, and he would drive to the destination, but I'm just so shy so never went with them.

Though she doesn't belong to my department, I spent most time with her. My good company to work, to lunch and back home. We complained our frustrations at work to each other and shared ice-kacang. I would be even more terribly lonely in my 5-months without her, given my quiet personality. Its really nice knowing her.

Some operators are very friendly. I am glad that we chatted quite alot.

This wraps up my 5 mths at work. I'm glad that I know more ppl. It doesn't matter if we keep in touch or not, cos I guess I will still remember some of these very nice ppl years later. Time to move on. Yay! End of nothing-to-do-work!


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