Friday, April 04, 2008

13th Wk of Work - New Seat

I've officially shifted to the small office. Total, including me, there are only 6 ppl occupying that small office, but most of the time, they are not there and are usually outside. That leaves me alone in the office, which I don't mind. It feels abit awkward when if there is another person and I in the small confined space. Previously, in the big office, it has some people, won't get to be alone. The minus thing is that I do not have a cubicle. They can clearly see what I am doing on my computer.

Today, the security guard commented I should eat more, if not I always remain as a girl, can't blossom into a woman. Fine! Ok, I am very flat I know, I don't need reminder from an old man. Actually, this is the 1st time someone had said such thing to me. I guess it is true that the opposite sex often takes note of such properties of females. Anyway, I wear until very 'lock kok' to work. Reason being, too lazy to wear better looking Tee shirts, plus nicer looking shirts usually mean less comfortable.

I feel rather sad that I am already in 3rd year yet I cant be a guru in my E-E-E field. I know nothing at all. Such a shame that I still call myself as an undergr@d. My many years of education do not really give me the skills to be in a technical profession.

My sup is a very very nice guy. I shouldn't say bad things abt him on my blog. I realise my childishness. Haiz.


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