Wednesday, February 20, 2008

7th Wk of Work - Can't Meet Eye-To-Eye

Alright, week 7 isn't over yet,it is only halfway through it but I have this urge to blog. I need an outlet to let off my steam. My sup changes his words real fast eh. I always ask carefully what he wants so that I won't end up the wrong path but only to realise it at the last minute, I have been avoiding such scenario.

Well, few weeks ago, I showed him my progress and he said it was ok, now he wants me to re-do. And guess what, he wants me to do a database that is so similar to the old one. What the hell. That database is not v well done actually. I think the current one which I have done is much better lor. I feel so 不服气 and I tried to tell him that old database v 'lumpy' but he says he just prefers that.

My opinion of him really changed as quickly as how he changed his words. Haiz, I feel so 不值 for my database, I spent so much time on it. RIP, Database.

Anyway, I shouldn't show too much of my displeasure in case he deducts marks. Maybe I'm really hard to get along with, if the other person doesn't think the same way as I, I can't accept his ideas instantly. There's a high chance I would have more problems like this next time.



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