Friday, January 04, 2008

IA starts in 3 Days' Time!

Time is short! 3 more days of slacking before ia starts. My pay is a meagre $600 per mth, this is slavery! My transportation fares alone would cost alot and this pathetic amount is just enough for me to survive if I scrimped and use my money only on necessity. It is said that transport will be provided at various pick-up points but I will only know where the points are on the first day. Btw, i think I am taking train lah. See first. I have never gone to that place before, don't know if I should try to go there before my 1st day at work.

I am scared that I am a poor worker cos I am slow in catching instructions, this may lead them to think I am dumb. They say 'shirt & jeans' for wear but I assume T-shirts as a subset of 'shirt' and I plan to wear T-shirts. I don't have shirts, just T-shirts. Wonder if I should put powder. Hah.

Oh, I feel so feverish right now.


At 1/05/2008 1:01 PM, Anonymous alamak said...

of cos u shd put power and lipstick.. 1st day of work muz always dressed smartly..


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