Friday, September 21, 2007

I Hate Wok-Salesmen(& Wok-related staff!)

Have you ever met a Wok Sales person who is not talkative? I bet no. Well, 2 wok people just left my house minutes ago. I just can't stand them, they are the greatest liars who don't even bat an eyelid when they lie! How natural they lie! They lie with ease, as if they are just drinking water, I guess their rice bowl depends on alot on spinning yarns so lying has become an exercise they must do everyday at work.

I am talking about Wonderway woks sales person. Although just now those two were not sales men, they were just updating the records of their customers database, they are still staff of the Woks company and I totally abhor people from there. Wonderway salesmen lie unscrupulously in order to strike a woks deal. For example, the water filter. They lied to my parents that the net in the filter required a change every n YEARS, but, after using it for about 3 months, when we opened it up to clean it, the net was already spoilt and dissolved into a heap. It seems like it had been spoilt long before that few months was up. Hello, there was an enormous difference between a year and a month ok! And the replacement for a net isn't cheap ok! So we stopped using it aft using it for merely a few months. Where can you buy another water filter that is lousier than this Wonderway's? Nowhere! Cos it is the lousiest, it spoils easily and its maintenance cost is rocket high! Out of goodwill, I'll stop attacking on its poor quality and high costs. Never mind that. What about that particular salesperson who lied about the life span of the net?

Not only that particular salesperson, there are many of them who lie. My parents met many of them. Lies after lies, they never stop lying, non-stopçš„(like diarrhea), continuously(like heavy menstrual flow). I really wish for every lie they tell, they will 'lao sai' diarrhea and period a day. If so, they will 'lao sai' and menstruate non-stop, for all their life, never a day would there be a pause except when they reach their menopause . That will be great, isn't it?

By the way, the duo just now, only one was doing the yakking. The other, whom i think is just a company for the former, was just sitting there quietly. The yakking one, is an aunty who wore low plunging neck line, revealed much of her drain. She's good at talking, but I must say, I was finding faults in every of her words in my head. My mum told her that she felt cheated because the prices stated by sales person could have been raised, and then sales person pretended to be offering a discount and this would psycho people that it was an offer not to be missed. The wok aunty replied her company don't do that as there was a company website.

What rubbish! I just did a google search and found it
There isn't any price list of the products they sell. So yakking aunty couldn't refute my mother's suspicion that sales person could have raised prices on their own. Prices aren't fixed and shown on the webby. The stating of prices is just anyhow dependent on the salesperson's disgusting, yucky, yakking, smelly mouth ok!! She could name any price she likes, even if its unreasonably priced, customers won't know! That yakking aunty is just another accomplice of that sales person, what the hell!

My parents know that I am very anti-wokstaff so I purposely suggest to serve them a packet of milk, produced in China, which we got it free from Sheng Shiong Supermarket, yet no one in the family dares to drink it. Haha, it looks dubious, that's why! Scared if drink liao will 'lao sai'. Anyway, my father said don't cos the milk really looks unconsumable. In the end we didn't serve them any drinks haha, for which I am glad. Do you know that by just making a trip here, they get to earn $15? That's really easy money. Just go to people's house and chat and criticize, argue here and there, you get money! The thought of us being used as a tool for them to earn their commission, made me green-eyed lah! I hate to be used by others. Neither had their trip helped us in woks maintenance.

Plus, my TV suddenly blackout just minutes b4 the arrival of yakky aunty and co. I blame them, they super jinxed lar! So people, beware of woks people! I strongly urge all people not to let woks people enter your house! Do not underestimate how much harm and bad luck they can bring you.

[Disclaimer: If you reader happen to be any woks company staff, I am not talking about you lah! Any similarities in names, characters (including company's name) are purely coincidental. In other words, if you aren't happy with what I wrote here, don't read, please just get lost.]


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