Monday, June 18, 2007

It's My Choice - Let me see the Light

Think I am going to choose Photonics :) This was my third choice in the blog entry. Somehow, I feel at ease after this decision has been made, this is great, I need not fret about where I should rightfully belong to. Just do it, go there! Half of Photonics modules are closely related to mircoelectronics, and the plus point is that, photonics do not need to study Advanced Analog Circuits(it is very fatal to my gpa)! Yippee! It is quite risky to take Photonics with a semicond grade of D+, but I hope I can do better in future papers with hard work and perseverence.

There should be about three tutorial groups of people choosing Photonics, quite little, nevertheless hope not all of them are scholars. Final year students will get to study laser engineering, Flat panel display, Fibre Optics Communications, Semicond Phys & Optoelectronics.

Talking about Fibre Optics, it reminds me of my sec 3 phy teacher, he said he used to melt the ends of two fibre optics to join them together in experiments. And guess what, I saw him today at bus stop. Well, this is not the first time i've seen him around. About 5th or 6th time. He couldn't recognise me (but no, he actually finds me familiar looking cos I caught him looking at me) so i also do not bother to talk to him. Haha, I sound like an ingrate. Anyway he was from a poor family but was thankful that his parents saw the importance of education and managed to give him an education as high as possible. He has always a book in his bag and sometimes he would read on his bus journey. (ya i also observe what he does on journeys)

Here are my past preference of specialisations.:

1. Microelectronics

Pro: Gd prospects and sounds more interesting than the rest
Con: Many scholars are going there which means, I'll sink to the bottom of the cohort :(

2. Electronics or Electronics (IC design)
Pro: Gd prospects
Con: Same as for microelectronics. IC design is very hard I think.

3. Photonics
Pro: Sounds quite interesting too
Con: Should be quite tough

4. Power Enginnering
Pro: It seems easier than Electronics
Con: Boring, not v promising prospects, and need to handle machines.

5. Biomedical electronics
Pro: Interesting, gd prospects as Spore advancing in bio-med areas
Con: Compared to real Biomedical engineers, they have an edge over us. Hard to study.

6. Communications Engineering
Pro: Belongs to infocomm option thus has many locals and more girls, I guess?
Con: No interest in things like Cellular Communication System

7. Digital Media Processing
Pro: Same as Communications Engineering
Con: No interest, study things like Audio Signal Processing, yucks, I hate signals.

8. Intelligent System Engineering
Pro: None, this does not belong to Infocomm option
Con: Guys-dominated specialisation, Robotics & Automation

9. Information & Communications Technology
Pro: None
Con: Many...very erxin area..Web Application Design

10. Computer Engineering
Con: Many..very erxin..Object Oriented Software Engineering Design


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