Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dennis Chew

Poor him, had 5 of his front teeth knocked out, and both arms fractured. And the scars, they must be the hatest things to an artiste. Does that mean his appearances on TV will decrease? I think will, but hope not. But, he survived the fall! Lucky..

He is one of my fav DJs who manages to make me laugh. I like his programme cos there is always something funny. Actually I didn't know about his accident because I don't listen to radio these days...I only listen on school days, bored then will tune in to 933. I listened to his zhou gong jiang gui on most sat/sun. Since he has 5 missing teeth, he is going to put on dentures, don't know if it will affect the way he speak. His iron rice bowl is dependent on his mouth. If he is someone vain, he would be quite sad to be disfigured. But, looks aren't everything, he needs not feel insecured as he has a bubbly personality and it is his forte.

Hope he adapts well as the 'new' him.


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