Friday, June 08, 2007

Sem 4 - resu|ts

Resu|ts have been out since 12 midnight! I didn't know. If I had known that, I would check it then. My mother even suggested that I check at midnight, then I said, admin ppl don't work at night so results should be out only during office hours. I was wrong la.

Nevermind, I still saw them this morning. Scared like hell. My palms turned sweaty. Honestly, exam resu|ts are even scarier than lizards, they make my heart beat faster. Though my cgpa dipped by alot, am relieved that I didn't fail anal0g. If not, there would be some 3rd year modules which I cannot take as they have anal0g as pre-requisites. Delay in reading the modules would cause serious complications then jialat. Anyway, all 5 cores suck.







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