Thursday, July 12, 2007

Please Turn on Your Speakers...

Just finished watching the last episode of 音乐格斗场 and there were live performances of 梦飞船。Great! Haha, this explains why I suddenly added this old song 不值得 on the mp3player on my blog. By the way, 不值得 song is after the fast n shiok song on my player. Now my player has 3 songs.

Argh..救命啊! 好多豆豆!I really ate too much unhealthy food that two big zits (one is red and the other is yellow, cos the pus has not been purged out) popped up on my beloved left face. Oh ya, the Tank autoskin(forgot the name of the facial solution) advertisement looks so fake, and irritating, too.

Haiz, my life is so boring. I am quite scared for the coming sem, I could sense danger ambushed along the long long long way. And I've found out who my tutors are, cos the school has put up a list of tutors list for the different tutorial group. I suspect I got that tutor who refused to answer my doubts when I was 30min late for a lab sesson in year 1. Yup, that one. Life is great, isn't it?


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