Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lay Hua

There are many Lay Huas in this world, and if your name happens to be Lay Hua, I must clarify that the person I mention here is not you. Because that particular Lay Hua doesn't have the free time to read this blog here. It is so pitiful that this Lay Hua spends her leisure time doing meaningless stuff like 拍别人的马屁 or picking on other people. Tsk tsk, what has other people's business got to do with her such that she wants to stick her nose into everything? Mind your own business lah, you stupid f***ing 马屁精 Lay Hua!

Yes, I am an-eye-for-an-eye, 以牙还牙 type of person and if you have provoked me, I would not contain my anger and hurl curses at you. Mind you, my curses are quite 灵验. Even if my curses do not hit you, there is high probability that you, Lay Hua, will end up in hell, ya all 18 levels of hell, not one level to be missed. Cos you Lay Hua deserve it!

Another thing I detest so much about you is that, you kept saying you are a very nice person! What the hell, you are actually so thick-skinned enough to say that? Even a saint, so great, also wouldn't say such things about himself. Oi, Layhua, can you don't be so 不要脸 or not? Don't you know what shame is?

Curse Layhua to break her arms, legs , neck, fall into the toilet bowl, and get a taste of what she has been doing to others. May her 倒八辈子的霉 and when she dies, she deserves to be 打入十八辰地狱!

After the cursings, you may think I am so childish, yes i agree I am, afterall, cursings do not solve the problems. But after cursing, I just feel better :)


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