Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sem 5 Starts

Sch has started! I do not have anything interesting to blog about so I'll just rant my complaints here, please bear with me, I really need a frustration outlet listening ear. Feels like my luck has been running out. Previous sems, I've better-than-average luck, be it in subjects allocation, meeting ppl, studying, waiting for buses.. My morale in studies is blinking 'low', I've not adjusted back to studying days. Tuesday, that's yesterday, I was in school from 830am to 930pm, which exhausted all of my energy. When I reached home @10.25, i quickly had my dinner and bathed and slept. OMG, it is really fattening to slp with a full stomach, my bulgy tummy has grown bigger too.

Ya, back to the topic of no motivation to study, i even skipped Make-up lecs as they were scheduled at very inconvenient timing. I know skipping is bad, but I am just so lazy. Ok,I think I shall watch recorded lecs (if any) to make up for my guilt for skipping. I'm suay in elective allocation: This year's allocation is the worst amongst all. I got 4th choice out of a total of 5 put on waitlist. I've placed bets like lottery on a particular module since i was in sem 1 till now. Yet never got it. Ya, seems like there was no way I can get that over popular elective. Sometimes I have this overwhelming urge to email the Office of Acad Service, demanding them why they had not allocated me that when I chose it every sem, and blast them being impartial, unfair, and whatever negative vocab that could maybe anger them and give me my choice.

I should start psycho-ing myself to study hard.


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