Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm Academically in Danger! + Benefits of being a Prof

Prof : What accounted the difference in the 2 voltage values based on simulation &calculation?
Smart S : Cos based on simulation, the computer doesn't know that the diode at here (*points at diagram in manual*) is being switched on so it never took into consideration the voltage drop. (Then smiles triumphantly)
Me : ???
Prof : Well... ok. (seems pissed off as he is unable to shoot Smart S down with his question)
Prof : So Odiejon, when input voltage at E-mid is minus 10V, what modes are the diodes in?
Me : ??? (in silent mode, what the hell is he asking?)
Smart S : Switched off..(softly)
Me : Erm... (Pretending to be thinking hard but in actual fact my mind is blank)

After wasting enough of Tutor's time in silence, I decided to heckcare and say something

Me : Reverse Bias? (in doubt)
Prof : What about the other diode? (damn you, u'll die this round! U'll be wounded under my arrow of questions)
Me : Forward bias?
Prof : Why?
Me : ??? (I am thinking, die, wrong liao since he asked why..shit man!)
Me : Cos the voltage at E-mid same as here(anyhow point), then here is ground...
Prof : You still look unsure..(*lookin smug and walked away*)

That left me in demoralisation the whole day after that.

It must have felt good to shoot questions at helpless and weak students. Being a prof should be quite enjoyable, you are able to watch the student's face turn from a calm one to a blank one then to a panicky one. And hear students stutter when they answer your questions. Watch them become dejected and demoralised. Yet, you are still a smart, smug, proud, competent prof, who find all these questions chicken feed. You get to mock at them in your head "Wakao you, so easy you also don't know, I knew this when I was in Year one...Walao, you year 3 liao still not even my Year 1 standard? Tsk tsk tsk.. Wonder how you manage to be promoted to year 3 one? U must be those kind who cheat in exam izzit?"

I, as a student, despite being ridiculed, despised, laughed, mocked at, still have a compelling urge to ask a prof how to become smarter. Can anyone tell me the solution to getting smarter?


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