Thursday, January 10, 2008

Started Working

Before I write this post, I have already done a blog search and found out that many preferred studying to working as opined in their blogs. Yup, I raise both hands and legs to agree. Work is super boring. And I really cant work long hrs, will bore me to death. Somehow, I find being a cashier is far more relaxing than an engineer-to-be.

Alright, I shall talk abt how disastrous my 1st day was. I was late. When I reached there abt 15min later than the supposed reporting time, I received a call from my sch, telling me that my company called earlier to say I wasn't there. Can't the company wait for a little girl who got lost on her way while searching for the 'unheard-of' company? Fine.

I wore the new covered shoes and it bit me badly at the back. Damn it, I don't dare to wear it after the 1st day. Now, my blisters haven't healed yet, they seem to be worsening. The diameter of the wounds increases. They look pretty bloody to me even right now. Tell u sth funny, I am wearing that $35 track shoes which I wore to sch in jc2, haha, smelly n dirty. But heckcare cos I cant stand the new shoes. I put plasters everyday cos they hurt so much, but sometimes plasters came off and back of the trackshoes stained with blood! Bloody hell. Disgusting? Not enough, tell u another thing, I never wear socksss!!! The brown stain will remain there forever..Wahaha, I am very erxin right? Do you realise I use alot of swear words like bloodyhell? Cos I am so 纳闷 by ia. So 脾气 quite 暴躁.

Next, the working environment, all guy engineers, there are three in my department, I bet there are many more engineers in other departments as well, maybe IT department even mre lah. Anyway, I am the odd one out. My sup seems quite nice, he asked the gals (plus guys)in office to take me out for lunch as eating with 3 male engineers abit more weird, somemore age gap problem. But I can neither fit in with the office ppl too. But the young guys are technicians, operators, many of them. Btw the food there not v cheap. only the first day I happened to eat cheap $2, economy rice. Mostly all $2.50, $3 for mee.

The place is so sian can? I don't know if I can/will become an engineer after I graduated. See how lar. Working is so scaryyyy............ you'll know when you work.. excluding temp jobs, cos temp jobs mood mre relaxing la.

All the best to myself!


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