Thursday, February 07, 2008

5th Wk of Work Plus CNY

My tummy is even bulgier now. Wow, just day one and I feel real fat. Over dosage of Pork and Chicken and some other type of meat. I feel different this year. Maybe after started working has made me re-appreciate CNY again. CNY is a break from boring work. I am glad that there is such a thing called 'CNY' that excuses all of us from 2 days of work. Ang bao wise, I think I am less bothered by the amount of money from Angbaos I get. Money, can be earned by himself or herself. The more important thing is family reunion. And the effort all of us put in to make our house a clean place, I really think it is very meaningful. And how carefree we are on CNY. Just slack and watch TV. I don't very like it when ppl come to our house, as they will undo the cleanliness of the place and disrupt our peaceful holiday. But, neither do I wish that nobody visits us because that is rather too quiet and lonely plus the fact that new year is supposed to be a 'relatives-bonding' affair, so I have come to accept the way new year should be.

Work! Stresses man! It is no easy feat. I am very doomed. I have yet to do the SQL cos I am trying to decipher the codes of the sample. The sample is done by student in 2005. The database is very well-done, so I must do better. Why must all students do database? She did one, now I have to also. At least I am comforted to know that some other seniors (who i do not know in person) had worked in this company before. At least I am not the 1st one.

Everyday I see my sup, I have nth to say to him. Maybe he's an uncle and me a young gal. Cant click. Realised the ppl there are ok la, though not super frenly la. The company, I still dont quite like it as it is the type which would short-change employees' pay. Stingy company. And different department gets different treatment. Well, all the best to myself, may I excel in sch & work!!!!

Bye too tired after helping out in the kitchen in the day.. Happy Rat Year..


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