Saturday, January 19, 2008

2nd Wk of Work - being a nameless soul.

It is the 2nd week only yet I am feeling it is like end of the world. Practically everyday I come in and sit down at my desk then start reading some manuals. My sup doesn't expect me to do much. I feel so 不好意思 just sitting there and colleagues around me are busy like hell. There is a young malaysian staff by the name of guowei, i think he is do 包到完work which everyone ask him to do..i keep hearing everyone calling him :"Guowei,你的那个。。。" or "Guowei, 昨天。。。"... Everywhere is Guowei, guowei, guowei. I tend to hear his name being called every few minutes.. yet nobody calls my name. They probably don't know my name at all. Even my sup doesn't call me by my name. If he wants to talk to me, he just comes to my desk and talk. Wah, I am sad that I am 无名氏。I used to call my sup as MR XXX, but after realising he doesnt call me by my name, I also don't address him anymore. Wakao! Why are ppl likedat? They really don't reciprocate. If i address you nicely, you should at least call me by sth rite? If sup calls me by surname I dont mind and would be happier.

I wonder what they call me behind my back. "那个学生。。" or "那个小妹妹" or "那个女的"? I am so nameless....

My brother is right! Ulu companies suck. He advised me to choose well-known companies when i was about to choose companies. The projects would then be better and useful. I didn't heed his advices and end up here miserable 24hrs. My bro says he want to work for a big company aft he has graduated. Sometimes we must be more ambitious for our own good.

20wks of suffering to go, life has been going downhill for me. May the force be with me...
I listened to old YIYO songs to cheer myself up. 一直往前走!


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