Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10th Wk of Work - The Meeting

I welcomed my VIP at the receptionist, but he arrived late. It was drizzling and he had trouble finding this place. This shows how ulu my workplace is. Even such a smart ass like him, who drives around, can have trouble. When he entered I couldn't tell it was him. He looks ridiculously un-china and I like his spectacles frame so much. Must be branded, really very nice lor. Anyway I saw his hand holding onto some envelope that bears the university logo, then I knew it was him.

There were couches and a mini table at the receptionist area. He didn't seem to want to talk there because many people were walking in and out and he preferred a quiet place. When I said there's no room, he went to the recep and asked for a room. Whahahaha!!! So funny can? Ok, I didn't laugh out and neither did I find it funny because at that time I was nervous like hell. The recep said he can sit on the couches over there... Haha. He must have (-.-)"' to hear that.

Started. He asked me wad the company does. And then opened my Logbk to first page, and said we could go thru 'page by page'. that time, I got a 'want to faint' feeling, thinking "Not another tough person to handle". ok I started explaining in details... then later he flipped faster and faster. I mean, it is not possible to really go thru page by page...only 1st few pages explain nia. Those database one, he just flipped even w/o reading them and sign blindly. Haha, so afterall he is not so ley chey afterall. Good.

Then he passed a form for my sup to grade me. After everything, my sup told me he gave me good comments. Haha! You know why? Cos in the morning, I sort of complained to sup that I have nth impressive to show to my VIP.. I think to make up for bad feeling I have, I guess he gave me not bad grade. Actually when I told my sup abt nth to show, I didn't think it cud raise my grade. My sup is still a v nice man after all, although I still don't agree with him on every thing. I'll be extremely grateful to him if I manage to get a good grade for my this big mod.

I really think I should change my behaviour. Be less childish, whinish and argumentative.

Tonight can really slp well, can have a nice slp, w/o worries. This meeting with VIP had really disturbed me alot.


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