Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Myself

生日快乐!Muacks and give myself kisses. Since I don't get kisses from anyone, I shall be generous and give them to myself from myself! I love myself! Here are my wishes:

1) Wish I could be a nicer and better person. Though I know I am already as kind as an angel, I think there is room for improvement. I want to be able to control my temper. Be less arrogant and not think too highly of myself. People who are 自恋 usually think too much of themselves with the mentality "I AM THE BEST!" I think I have a little of this mentality, haha. I have to bear this in mind and change for the better!

2) Enjoy life to the fullest. When I say 'enjoy', I do not mean playing games all day and not do tutorials. In the next sem when I go back to school, I will still try to keep up with studies. But also at the same time, I think I should not refrain myself from watching TV programmes. All work and no play makes me a dull and boring person. I am already a very boring person with no interest or hobby, if I were to not watch any TV, i might as well go and live in a cave, right? Now, I am watching severals hours of TV everyday, real shiok man. TV rocks~

3) Be a lovable girl who is well-liked by others. I wish to make use of my mesmerising smile to melt the hearts of armyboys, middle-aged uncles and aunties, ah pehs and ah mmms and children. Don't know why I have a haughty look despite armed with a thousand-dollar smile. Actually, lovable means friendly lah. I want to know more people. Though I have an unexplained fear of meeting new people. To be well-liked, I must be chatty and have the initiative to approach ppl. Wow, this is hard and it seems that this wish will never come true.

Red Eggs... You see the pink spots of dye that had seeped through the shell and into the egg?

Have you realised I never mentioned abt finding Mr Right and Knight in shining armour? Haha.
Such thing also needs to 看开一点, should he come, then he will come one day. Else, keep thinking abt it also will lower one's self-esteem. Never mind, if no one loves me, then I'll love and dote on myself doubly. 自恋 is a good alternative to being in love. It will be the trend one day.


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