Saturday, March 08, 2008

9th Wk of Work - He is Coming!!

Pr0f is paying a visit on next week! Gawd! Panic, he doesn't sound lenient to me. He sounds strict. What can I show him? I must rehearse what I want to say at home.

Actually I have nothing to blog about on my work because I have been doing the same thing for the past few mths. Haiz. Whenever I tell my sup about my plight, then he says "This is not easy.." blah blah and eventually the conversation will swerve in another direction, leading to other stuff. Haiz. He says I will learn alot here, but so far, it seems that my stint here isn't so fruitful after all. For people wise, I also have nth to blog about cos minimal interaction with them.
Another student from M3chanical Engin(I heard) had already done hands-on work. Damn, I feel even more worthless here.

I've observed that my face is getting old. Meaning, my face has matured. Many wrinkles and I don't look like a young girl anymore. I feel quite disgusted at myself when I look into the mirror. I see someone who has the body of a 小妹妹 with an old face, so erxin lor! Somemore with a chipmunk voice, I think I am a very disgusting person. Voice also doesn't sound like a 22 yr old person.

Please, let my meeting with Pr0f be a smooth and impressive one.

Last thing, I have made up my mind on which specialisation, no more ph0t0nics. It is too tough.


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