Saturday, March 29, 2008

12th Wk of Work - Pails of Tears

Can't believe that I actually cried in office. Tell you another even more ridiculous thing, I actually cried many many times... Cried le then stopped, then after a while, whenever thought about the plight I was in, it triggered my tears.. then stopped and the cycle repeated several times. And I used up my tissue paper. I doubt anyone see me crying because I am 'invisible'

Nothing to do, really. I always tell sup that 'nth to do', but the real fact is, THERE IS NTH TO DO. I can't really blame sup, just blame myself for being suay and ended up here. Honestly, if there were proper things to do, I think I would have been satisfied with this place. People wise, finally got some ppl talk to me! Though I didn't manage to bond deeper with technicians. I wonder whether I would miss this company when the time for me to leave comes. I bet yes, but I really think this place is bad for attachmen+.

I have never imagined that one day, I would encounter a change in seating plan. Staff from IT dept and Pr0curement Dept are occupying our territory. My dept ppl have been shifted to another small office, which can only sit 5 ppl. Boohoo, the sad thing is that my sup is no longer sitting right behind me and is an inconvenience. I can't swivel my chair around 180 degrees and talk to him. Damn, now it is even harder for me to talk to him. Even the indispensable Gu0we1 also didn't manage to get a place in the small office. Only both of us are left with the pr0curement staff. He's not so bad cos he's located at a quite not bad place.. my place there totally surrounded by pr0curement staff and they speak loudly. Actually I know I won't get a place in the small office cos not enough cubicles, I actually don't mind where they are going to shift me, as long as I can have more work to do, sit anywhere will be fine. Plus must have the current old PC I am using. Cos my works are saved in that PC.

I know my time is up, the pr0curement ppl are eager to see me leave my cubicle so that the place can be taken up by another pr0curement staff. You know, occasionally, I see a hand crossing over to my cubicle, pointing at me? The voice says "This one...blah blah". They must be discussing who would sit there. A phone has already been on standby to be installed there, very ready to be used by the next person. Damn them!

Let's see how worse can things go for me.


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