Friday, March 21, 2008

11th Wk of Work - The Most Meaningless Week of All

Last week I was so grateful to my sup for being so 会做人 by filling in good comments in my assessment form. Then, this week came. I detest him so much. This week is the worst of all weeks. As stated earlier in the start of IA, I would be working on a new machine, but it turned out that the machine came with everything properly done, which left me nth to do! A Taiwanese Engineer even came along to settle all stuff for us. And damn that Taiwanese! I smiled at him today and he didn't bother to smile back. Because 老娘 is in a foul mood this week and my smile went un-reciprocated, I shall curse him! Curse him to miss the last few steps of a flight of stairs and fall down.

When the machine came, I was told to watch the Taiwanese set it up. Fine, I stood and watched. It was damn awkward, for hours I was like being so kelefair. The technicians were around too. But of course they weren't as kelefair as me so Taiwanese was explaining to them on how to operate the machine. I was like being left alone to rot on my own. Hours later, I couldn't stand it anymore, I went back to my cubicle and asked my sup what he wanted me to do.

Me: 那个machine他们已经install好了,你还我继续‘看’吗?(pissed off, emphasizing on 看)
He: 你有学到东西吗?
Me: .... (too exasperated to even utter a 'no' and ending up shaking my head violently)

I was thinking, such question he also dared to ask! Whether I had learnt anything by watching? BY WATCHING! Obviously not! If I were sarcastic I would have replied: "看- 怎么能学到东西? 如果 看能学到东西,学校就不会派我们来了,直接在学校lecture 用看 来学hands on 好了!"

Later, he assigned me to continue to experimenting with a controller which is used on the sensor. Few days ago he was experimenting with it, and obviously, he failed to get it right. Ok, for the past 2 days I had been working on this controller thingy. I couldn't get it work the way it should. I think something is really wrong with it. So i read thru the manual many many many times to make sure nothing is wrong. Then I spotted sth, the controller can't be used on this sensor due to some mismatch. I told my sup. At first he said, that mismatch shouldn't be a problem. Then next he called the sales engineer of the controller, the sales engineer also said it was not a problem. But she would be coming down later. Later came, this sales engineer came with another electronics engineer. The electronics engineer examined a while and said the controller can't be used on this sensor. WTH! Dumbo sup, I told him he didn't believe me! Then this electronic engineer said then believed! WTH! But this electronics engineer super pro!! He's v lihai. He suggested another method without using this controller thing.. then he drew circuit and explained. After he explained le, he asked sup if he understd. Sup said Yes. Bullshit. I doubt he understood. He is a mechanical engineer, those circuit stuff are rather chim, even to EEE engineer, not to say mech engin! Honestly I don't understd wad he was saying. Anyway I got a feeling, sup too paiseh to say he didn't understd, so he pretended to understd. I bet he didn't understd cos the electronics engineer explained rather fast, it would even be doubly hard to understd the circuit stuff.

I really dont think very highly of engineers here. Most things cant solve then ask maker to come down.

Btw, this password thingy is good. I can write bad things abt sup!!


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