Friday, April 11, 2008

14th Wk of Work - Mundane Job

I've been manipulating data and plotting graph for this week, very mundane. I realise I am very poor at communication. Although I can speak mandarin and English, sometimes don't know why, words just come out incoherently from my mouth. A bit embarrassed that despite my age, I still can't speak properly. Plus, an engineer whom I always thought he was a Cantonese, actually spoke Hokkien during a phone call. Wow, I tell you, I am very impressed leh. Canto and Hokk are two very different dialect languages. Well, these people who can really speak dialects are pro in their communication. Communication is really very hard to hone. I know I can't speak eloquently thus I will avoid being in a line which requires lots of liaising with clients. From what I eavesdropped on conversations in phone calls, people usually speak Mandarin, English, Dialects(most common are hokk and canto but seldom teochew). Actually dialects are very powerful in liaising, it sounds friendly and not too formal, yet not very stern & serious.

I am dozing now, gtg now. Quite sudden ending..


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