Monday, April 14, 2008


I started to feel unwell on Sat around 2pm. Until 7pm, I couldn't take it and took 2 panadols. At 9pm plus, I perspired and so I thought I was well. Then 1pm came, I felt cold and was slightly shivering. Took 1 panadol and managed to slp. Shitted, my stools still considered quite solid.

Woke up on Sunday Morning, still shivering. Shitted, stools still solid. Took 2 panadols. They didn't work at all. My temperature rose to 38.4 degrees highest. Shitted 2nd time, stools half solid half liquid. Then the turning point came. Right after my bath, the temperature began to drop. From 37.5 to 37.1 and then, it didn't stop dropping..and dropped till 36.2! So low! Oh ya, just before bath, shitted again and it was cereal-like, very liquidy.

Today 3am, woke up with an urge to pass motion. Pure liquid and it came out on full blast. Then took temperature, the temp reached lowest at 35.8 degrees.. and my skin felt icy cold. Went back to slp. Woke up at 6.40am for work. Shitted pure liquid again. Decided that I can't go to work. I mean, what if I am on the company bus and the urge comes? "Uncle, can stop the bus?" Can't cos it goes on expressway BKE, can't stop. Plus no toilet on the expressway area..all bushes. I won't dare to shit in the bushes.

I went to a nearby clinic at 10am. I narrated my story from Sat to then blah blah. He took my temp, peered into my throat, heard my heartbeat from the front and back, felt for my jaws, face and neck and my stomach. Erm, I felt ticklish when he pressed my stomach, that I 'jumped'. Haha. After I came home, shitted twice. Pure melted gold. But the quantity is little. My bum hurts from shitting so many times. And I can't swallow panadols cos they are too huge for my little throat. So scared of swallowing big tablets.

Right now, my stomach is growling, not the same growls as hungry growls, but sounds like some liquid churning inside. I know visits to toilets will continue..

Wish I have a quick recovery.


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