Friday, May 30, 2008

21st Wk of Work - Spent a Lot

From Mon till Fri, everyday I spent alot. There is a trend, when it comes to the end of an event (in this case, end of attachment), I would splurge more than usual. Same for the end of my past jobs.

This week is torturous. For so many hours a day, I had been at the workshop counting spare parts. And counting. So far, I have counted over 870 types of parts. That is so boring. Now I know the woes of an inventory clerk who keep tracks of goods; very monotonous the way the hours are spent. Sometimes I counted until I felt like I was going to doze, but didn't; nearly dozed. I spoke v little to sup because there is nothing to talk about, after everything is over. The reason why I started to have dislike for him is, he was the one who hired me, but hiring a student in this nth-to-learn company is like bringing agony to the student. The student may feel his 5 mths here so damn wasted, and time crawls very slowly especially when one is bored. I feel like telling him not to hire him anymore students. But that would be rather rude as I have no rights to instruct him what to do. I would feel offended if someone tells me not to hire blah blah, well, its my choice, I shall do whatever pleases me. Ya, that kind of mentality. So I held back from telling him that.

Woohoo! 5 more days to bear.


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