Wednesday, May 14, 2008

19th Wk of Work - What to Do?

Very busy these few weeks. It is due to my yet-to-be-done final report. It is so damn hard to write. In addition, I had been busy choosing F.Y.P. Now, it is 0040 hr. Woa, the period is over, I see no name is filled at my '|nkjet Prin+er' project. It shows that the 'another student' is me. And one worrying thing is I scared he might forget that I am doing that project, and open up that project to computer allocation for the remaining students. Hope not.. Haiz.

Work sucks. My report still less than 50% done. Because time is running out, I shall not write much. You notice I didn't blog last week? Next week will be the week to meet |A prof. Scary, communicating with Prof, elite ppl...


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