Saturday, April 19, 2008

15th Wk of Work - Extra

I felt super extra. The company doesn't need attachment students to help them. We are excess and w/o us, they survive better. We are like a burden, attached to the our sups' backsides, they can't shake us off yet they still have to live with us bothering them. Neither do we want to be attached to other people's backside, we don't have a choice.

Regarding communications skills which I blogged on last week, it is sad that I do not get to learn a foreign language as elective. Because no language is being offered in specia1 sem. I am quite envious of my sup who can speak Jap and other engineers and even other staff who can speak so many dialects.

Here, the engineers are quite nice people. They don't boss people around and lose temper at inferiors as always depicted in TV show where scenes of managers rejecting proposals done by inferiors and throw the proposals back at inferiors' faces, screams at inferiors to 滚出去 out of the spacious managers' office then after which managers muttered to themselves in frustration "一点小事都做不好!" Very mean the managers are depicted on tv. But surely such mean people exists on this world?

In reality, managers' offices are usually not as big as shown on TV. Land is scarce and expensive in Singapore. Especially in central land like raffles place. They don't need such big space. Just space enough for a desk, chair will do. The office is considered luxurious if a couch and photocopy machine are specially there for just the manager's use. And the office is just a partitioned area. In my company, out of so many positions, only 5 partitioned rooms for managers. The rest are all cubicles, even if you are asst manager. I am contented with a cubicle next time meaning I wont harbour thoughts of being a manager. Lots of responsibilities to shoulder when things start to go wrong. Things can wrong all the time i guess. Sounds very stressed and something I think I won't be able to handle.

Ok, finally I can talk abt technicians here. The technician who appeared most friendly, is so-called our number-1 technician. Most experienced and smart. He 's really smart. But I think he's too egoistic. I abit can't stand him, though so far he has not argued/offended me in any way.
Ok la, he's ok la. Not too bad. Just that I am a hard to get along person and i can't stand egoistic person. Though I am an egoistic person too. Another technician is ok too. He's not egoistic. But overall, i also seldom talk to them. Only talked to them twice, when I was tasked to tell them to use the dat@base. The egoistic and the other un-mentioned technician wanted me to do dat@base that can send automated email to person in charge when the parts are running low. Better if can auto-send an sms to inform them. Wakao. Its really easy to suggest but hard to do. Such thing must do the client/server thingy which I have no idea how to do. Lucky my sup said that is too advanced and said i no need to do. Haha, thus my liking for sup increases by 3 points and liking for that number-1 technician decreases by 5 points le.

There is this other engineer and the other engineer who works in the packaging department. They are quite nice. Seems that engineers here are really not bad. Quite friendly. Erm, the engineer manager also attempted to talk to me. But every time he shared his work experiences with me, I always don't understd what tok he? What he said are too chim. Many terms are unheard of. It felt like one chicken and one duck communicating. Everytime he talked to me, I would feel very small and inferior. Useless, ignorant, shallow, ashamed... and felt that I am incapable of being an engineer. Manager 就是 manager,说的话也那么chim...

Really wish I could be more knowledgeable like him.


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