Friday, May 23, 2008

20th Wk of Work - Pr0f's 2nd Visit

Alright, he was punctual today. I was less nervous than the previous time I met him. He's not bad lah. Though his accent, I have a little trouble sometimes trying to catch what he is saying. Hope to get a good grade from this. He stays in cck too.

I felt so much lighter after everything was over. That put an end to log entries, report, worry for grading etc. Great! I went back to count parts.

Surprisingly, my sup asked for a copy of my report. He actually wants to read! He said he really read my log entries. But those are very boring stuff, 佩服him for wanting to read them. Today he was so busy, yet I requested him to sign the grading form and log entries at the last minute. Sort of caused him much inconvenience, and I feel rather bad about this. Have I mentioned before that he goes to church?

The end is near. The thought of finishing this race cheers me up. But 2 weeks time is not considered short. I have to endure 2 more weeks of counting parts.


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