Saturday, July 05, 2008

Into my Temp Job for a Week Already

I came across an job advertisement on a forum, seeking for temp Quality Check workers. Its check 电灯泡 for cosmetics defects. It was supposed to be a 2 and a half weeks assignment, but there are far many too many goods to check that 2 and a half weeks is not enough. It will be extended, but I cant commit for a week because I have yet to study for my exam. Exam for that nego module.

Anyway, food there is exp. Ppl who work there dress v nicely, better and more formal than engineers, I guess they are doing sales, logistics and procurement. Those without any hands-on work de. I overheard some of the staff's conversation during lunch time, they speak eloquently, fast and with confidence. Whoa, I wish I could speak like them.

And I bought this. $15.30. Haiz, the mirror in the washroom of the workplace is of high quality. It reflects my acnes, pimples very clearly. The mirrors in my house are lousy types, the acnes pimples don't show up as clear. It was that workplace mirror that woke me up that I have to do something with my face. It is so damn red. And the acnes area are widening and spreading.

Hope it is good,else, my heart will ache. I got B+ for it. Initially I was a bit dejected seeing it, why have I not gottn an A-? Then I think, nope, I don't really deserve an A-. Period.

I'm need to decide if I want to use S/u. I have until Sunday to decide.


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