Sunday, July 13, 2008

Only Omnia.

Samsung Omnia is a phone which is everything I can wish for. Mobile technology advances so swiftly that new phones are designed every few months. At the same pace, they go outdated. This is good for the mobile makers, but bad for consumers’ pockets. Nope, not really if this one consumer owns a phone like Omnia. Omnia is high-impact-making in the mobile phone industry. I foresee it could be an award-winning phone, given its cool design and multi-feature functionality. Unlike other simple and plain looking phones, Omnia’s popularity could last for several years, hence it is definitely worth the money for consumer to get this phone.

Currently I am using Samsung D900. It would be a great leap if I upgrade to Omnia, because I really like the touch-screen feature. To those non-touch-screen phones: You are definitely OUT! Though the proper definition of a mobile phone is one that can make calls and send SMS, my very own definition of a mobile phone today has evolved to one that says it should possess more than calls and SMS, and it has to play more roles, multitask as a television, PSP, camera, mp3 player and a high-speed-computer. Which phone has all these? Omnia! Plus, it is sleek. I can’t find another phone that is as compacted and as sleek as Omnia. Since it is such a renowned phone, even if few months later when new models come up. I will still prefer Omnia, only Omnia.

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