Monday, February 09, 2009

Some People are Angels, and Some are..


Argh!!! Frustrations! There are people of all kinds in the world! I spent lots of time doing it... I did it almost everyday for the past 1 week, I dare to say I spent 8 times the amount of time she had spent. If I get penalised somehow, I'll really cry! And get angry at the person! I don't know, sometimes I rather work alone, to avoid such scenario from happening. I am definitely not generous enough.

Whereas, angels! I've met one! She's the kindest person I met so far in my 22 years on Earth. She's willing to share, is sympathetic and is good to everyone, which explains why she gets along well with many many people. What I notice is that in most people, there is a portion of selfishness in them (us), but not her. Her generiosity has greatly impressed and amazed me. However I must add that my first impression (2 years ago) of her wasn't very good, haha. However, my views on her changed tremendously only recently. She complained before how life has been unfair to her as HARD WORK DOESN'T REAP GOOD RESULTS for her case. I think this is quite true to her and honestly, she deserves better. For such a kind-hearted girl, she definitely has accumulated some good karma... so i believe one day she will enjoy the due rewards =). Wait and see!

People of all kinds, meet more when I step into the working world~


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