Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Am I Up to It?

I am quite excited at the thought of it. I was still in a light and dreamy state on Friday and Saturday, it was unbelievable that I got it. At the same time, I have that doubt in me, whether I can be a good enginr. This is unavoidable, I am not those very confident type of person.

So I happily and 轻飘飘 went to work as promoter on the weekends, feeling extremely bright and good and everything went well that day. There is no annoying customer, nor sickening supervisor to spoil my day. Those Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the happiest days I have had in these recent years. Ha. Also I had my convo on Tuesday. It was alright, thank god we went. Else, I would regret for not attending it. We are all well and not infected at all. We managed to survive not being infected, given it was highly contagious. Anyway back to the topic of convo, my parents were happy. With the photos as well. The last time we took pics was so long ago. The nice photos really make them very happy. Which makes me very happy too.

Now, I no longer feel like a student. Move on. And I will go back and thank guan yin at the temple. 很灵验。 I'll also pray that guan yin will bless me success and smooth work these 2 years.


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