Thursday, July 02, 2009

Will You Please Call Me?

It is far too quiet, given that I have sent more than 30 cv. I know it's still considered few as compared to others. But at least I should have 1 or 2 more calls for interview, no?

I am getting frustrated day by day. Each day is considered done for, as past 5pm there is no need to wait for calls. Left dejected, I would encourage myself "Maybe they will call me tmr". And so, repeatedly, everyday the cycle starts at the time I wake up till 5pm. For 2 months, I feel so foolish for waiting for calls that never came. I am getting very desperate. My confidence dented, am I so lousy that I cant even get shortlisted for interview? Seriously, I really wonder the real reason behind such silence from recruiters?

Is it that there are few hundreds of applicants vying for a position?

And out of these so many applicants, given my poor grades, I stand no chance?

Or is it my grades that turn employers off in the first place?

Or my cv is not written well?

I am becoming scared.


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