Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight series

I have just finished reading the series. The last book is the best, I was surprised at how the plot went. The ending was a happy one with Bella and Edward living happily and immortally, and their daughter, who is half vampire half human is said to be with Jacob, the werewolf which is a shapeshifter for a more correct definition of his form. Haha.

People always like the romance between Bella and Edward, but I find it ok nia, I wont feel immersed in their love affair of passionate kissing, s*x. I wonder why. Maybe if I were a teenager, i would be absorbed into the romance. But now I am too old to imagine such things. Or I know this romance is very far from me, I wont get to taste the sweetness of romance. Single for all my life, ha.

Anyway, I wont read this series for 2nd time as still not as captivating enough the storyline.

My face is super hideous now, massive pimple breakouts. And still on job hunt, since about 2 mths ago. May I get calls soon.


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