Thursday, July 16, 2009

Job Seeking.

This is my 2nd intvw, not counting the one at campus intvw and the Prudent|al.

I have already gotten over with my sucky grades. However the intvwer brought it up. He asked me what happened to my grades. Haiz. When he asked me that, my heart sank and already knew that my chances are slim or near zero. The intvwer must be smart ass. I find the job scope quite interesting though.

The most demoralising thing I heard is, there would be many other people coming for intervwing. Competition, I will be boot out easily with such grades, by anyone who got better grades than I, and they are in abundance. I tried very hard to boost my confidence by being more optimistic, telling myself to forget about the grades and move on.

When will my benefactor come and save me? I have a hunch that this company I went to today is not the benefactor. My benefactor hasn't arrived. And I shall continue to send more resumes, till I find my benefactor!!


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