Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Very Busy..

Recently quite busy, I have to get ready. But mentally, I can't say I am prepared for it. Scared if I can do my job well. Actually it is quite rush, finding suret|es etc.

Yesterday was my last day promoting cheese, and for the past few days I had been dead tired. Lack of slp. Plus I've partly helped in altering my pants, haha, thus little time to go online.

I've finished buying new clothes for work. A total of $287.50 has been spent on 6 tops and 4 pants. On average, its $28.8 per piece. I realised it is hard to buy clothes of my type. For tops, I don't want very short sleeves, too transparent, cannot be too big for my size, not too frilly, and armpit holes too big.

Hope everything goes well.


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