Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The C0ach II

The topic for today's entry is still ... my c0ach, ha, he's really an interesting character.

He takes sick leave quite often, I didn't know he's so sickly. Cos he looks pretty normal to me, as he is thin, and walks quite fast, so these gave me the impression that he is healthy. Once, he did tell me he had a migraine, I thought he was making some excuses to get off his work or sth lik that. Recently, I heard that he's high blood pressure, he is facing lots of stress. I reckon, they are not referring to his stress at work, cos though he has alot to do for work, he is still doing a great job due to his pro-ness. This makes me even more curious how his '|ife st0ry' is like as mentioned in prev entry.

It is said that his po0r bill of heath is a result from stress, seaf0od-indu|gence, sm0king, drink!ng c0ke everyday. I feel very sad for his son. His son is so young, why can't he take care of his heath for the sake of his son? So, this strengthens the assumption that his '|ife st0ry' is horrendous.

I am so curious....


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